How to use Flash Media Live Encoder

If you want to make a WimTV live streaming event, you can use the Adobe FMLE  software (

Follow thi essential tutorial for a good set up of FMLE.
The streaming server URL  (generated by WimTV during the event creation) is like:


In the main FMLE control panel:

  • In the FMS URL field, paste the first part of the URL rtmp:// (without / before “eventname”)
  • In the Stream field paste the last part of the URL (eventname)


Clicking the “Connect” button, a new window asks you the credentials for the autentication. The username is the same username of WimTV. The password is  your personal password for live streaming.
Is mandatory to set up Video and Audio. If You want to use FMLE presets, We recommend to select those ending with  – H.264. If you have a good internet connection you can select High Bandwidth (800 Kbps) – H.264. As an alternative, in the presets menu select the Custom option and set up audio and video as in the example:

format: AVC (H.264) framerate: 20 o 25 fps

  • Codec video
    • AVC settings (H.264)
    • profile: baseline
    • level: 3.1
    • keyframe frequency: 1 secod
  • Codec audio 
    • format: AAC
    • channel: stereo
    • sample rate: 44100
    • bitrate: 128

Devices for entry level streaming – [low budget]

This solution consists in a simple and cheap streaming kit for multi-purpose use.
Keep in mind that the video quality is dependent on your internet connectivity status and on  the quality of your webcam optics. With one of the latest generation webcam, the result will be exceptional!


Example device:

  • A portable hd webcam usb 2.0 with autofocus;
  • a usb cable long enough to orient freely the camera;

Some Logitech webcams:

The purpose of this page is not explain procedures and functionalities of WimTV ecosystem. If you need support to use WimTV please visit other categories on this platform.

Devices for professional streaming – [high budget]

If you want high video quality and full control of your WimTV live streaming, you must have an HDMI camera connected to a PCIe card of your PC to acquire video signa.

Schermata 2013-10-10 a 11.14.08

Without a PCIe card your computer can not find any HDMI device, because usually HDMI ports on laptops are made for data output only.

Check hardware requirements:

graphics cards:

Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 compatible devices: