In this page you can manage all videos uploaded to WimTV. The button next to the video thumbnails lets the user perform specific operations as shown in the image below.


  • (1) Synchronise: to synchronise the videos uploaded to your WimTV account (WimBox). This can also be used in case you upload your videos directly to or to synchronise the videos deleted from WimTVPro.
  • (2) Add/Remove: to move a video to WimVod, assign a licence: Creative Commons, Free of Charge or Pay per View – and make it available for publication within the site. Important: if you see a video only in WimBox you cannot publish it to pages or posts of the site. You must first move it to WimVod.
  • (3) Download: to download the selected video file to your PC.
  • (4) Preview: to view the video selected.
  • (5) Remove: to remove the video selected.

Note about licences:

  • The six Creative Commons licences let an author publish content while
    • Granting some licence-specific rights for free use
    • Keeping other rights for exclusive use by the author
  • Pay per View licences require that a price be paid to view a video
  • A particular case of Pay per View licences is Free of Charge, i.e. when the price is zero

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