This is the WimTV support service home page. WimTV is a platform, operated by WimLabs, offering advanced media solutions and services. In WimTV users can do business with digital content more conveniently, effectively and profitably.


  • WimBox: to store and manage your videos in connection with other WimTV services;
  • WimVod: to create your WebTV and offer your videos in free and pay mode;
  • WimLive: to stream your events  in free and pay mode;
  • Schedules: lets you decide a daily schedule made up of video on demand, live events and ads
  • WimTrade: to put your videos up for sale, call for and buy the videos you need.

WimTvPro Plugin


  • WimView: to browse webTVs, enjoy videos and events from your smart phone, tablet and Smart TV and share your experiences with your community;
  • WimLance: to respond to wimTrade calls for videos using your smart phone and tablet.

Video bridget

  • WimBridge: with a video bridget you can include the main points in the main video and enlarge it with additional multimedia content.


  • ADAPT: brings most WimTV functionalities to the the native WimLabs CMS (under development).


  • WimTV API: build your own service or app using the rich WimTV API.

If you need additional information on any of the above please check the links provided here. In case you cannot solve your issue please send an email to info@wimlabs.com

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