This is the WimTV support service home page. WimTV is a platform, operated by WimLabs, offering advanced media solutions and services. In WimTV users can do business with digital content more conveniently, effectively and profitably.


  • WimBox: to store and manage your videos in connection with other WimTV services;
  • WimVod: to create your WebTV and offer your videos in free and pay mode;
  • WimLive: to stream your events  in free and pay mode;
  • Schedules: lets you decide a daily schedule made up of video on demand, live events and ads
  • WimTrade: to put your videos up for sale, call for and buy the videos you need.

WimTvPro Plugin


  • WimView: to browse webTVs, enjoy videos and events from your smart phone, tablet and Smart TV and share your experiences with your community;
  • WimLance: to respond to wimTrade calls for videos using your smart phone and tablet.