This is the homepage of the WimTV support services . WimTV is the video platform, run by WimLabs, which provides services to stream your videos and solutions for managing digital content in the most convenient, efficient and profitable.


  • WimBox: to upload and manage your videos on demand, in connection with other WimTV services;
  • WimVod: to create your WebTV and offer your videos in free and pay mode;
  • WimLive: to stream live your events  in free or pay mode;
  • WimCast: to create a daily schedule including on-demand content and live events;
  • WimTrade: to put your videos up for sale, call for and buy the videos you need.

WordPress Plugin

  • WimTVPro: with WimTVPro you have at your disposal the power of WordPress CMS extended with a plug-in that takes advantage of all multimedia services of the WimTV platform.

Navigable interactive videos

  • WimBridge: with WimBridge you can enclose the message in a main video and provide details with related multimedia content such as images, videos, maps and slides

If you need additional information on any of the above please check the links provided here. In case you cannot solve your issue please send an email to