How to Use OBS Studio

To do live streaming with WimTV, you can use the free OBS Studio software (

Below is the essential information on how to configure and use OBS at best.

OBS> Add source

The first thing to do is to add the source device, OBS provides multiple options to choose from depending on the instrumentation you have available

  • Click the “+” button inside the “source” section.
  • Select the desired option, if you have a web cam or camera select “video capture device”.
  • Preview on your screen

OBS> Configuration for Live Streaming

In order to Live stream you need three data:

  • Streaming URLs
  • Stream Key
  • Personal credentials for streaming

The streaming server URL (generated by WimTV when creating the channel) is of the following type:

rtmp:// 80/live

The Stream Key corresponds to the “Stream” field of your WimTV live channel

Credentials correspond to:

  • username: your username on WimTV
  • password: your password for WimTV live streaming

Now you have to enter this data into OBS

  • Click on the “Settings” button in the bottom right menu
  • Access the “Stream” section
  • Enter the URL and the Stream Key
  • Select the “Use Authentication” field and enter your credentials for streaming

OBS> Resolution setting and bitrate

The two most important data that determine

streaming quality are resolution and transmission bitrate. To change the resolution go to the “Video” section, and to change the bitrate, go to the “Output” section.

We recommend that you check your available upload bandwidth, and set resolution and bitrate accordingly.

OBS> Transmission and Registration

Now you are ready to stream! Click on the “start broadcast” button to start your live stream. You can also record your event on your PC by clicking the “Start recording” button.

N.B. We recommend that you register your event locally in order to have a quality that is not affected by any internet bitrate fluctuation.

For additional technical information, visit the OBS support page

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