To open a new account go to the WimTV registration page, enter your personal data and choose a username and password for access.
Remember! You must accept our terms of service before sending the request.

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The WimBox service lets you store, manage and publish your video content.

  • WimBox> Upload a new video> Select one or more file

wimbox video selection

This section lets you to store one or more video files. To accelerate the process you can upload multiple files simultaneously. To enable multiple simultaneous file upload hold down the "Ctrl" key on Windows / "Cmd" on Mac, when you select the files to upload.
Please note that, for a successful upload, each file shall not exceed the maximum size of 4GB.

You can give each video a title, a description and tags. You must tick the "I have the rights to post this video on WimTV" box and then you click on the "Upload" button.

wimbox video title description tag

After all the videos are uploaded and processed (transcoded) you can preview and publish them.
In the "Manage your videos" pane you can see the buttons that allow you to manage your uploads

  • Publish: To publish a video with a Creative Commons licence, for free or as pay per view
  • Edit: To edit the video metadata and upload an image for use as thumbnail
  • Download: To download the video from WimBox to your device
  • Cancella: To delete the video from WimBox

wimbox manage video

By pressing the "Post" button you will be able to define the video publication type selected from one the following: Free, Creative Commons License or Pay per View.

The Pay per view licence allows you to assign a price an end user must pay to view the video.

The Creative Commons licence allow you to publish the video by reserving certain rights to the author and conceding others for free use. For more information visit the web page

To use Pay per View licences you must have entered your PayPal email in the Profile> Monetisation section.
Each payment will be immediately credited to your PayPal account, minus the percentage of WimTV. Each time a user views a video published with a Pay per View licence, the revenue is shared: a net 70% goes directly to your PayPal account and a gross 30% goes to WimTV for use of the service (WimTV pays for you the PayPal commission).

Other revenue sharing rates are available for large volumes.

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All your published videos are placed in the WimVod section. You can share the video content by copying and pasting the generated Iframe, and publish it in any page or post it to your site.

You can make a video invisible on WimTV by selecting "make private". To delete the video from WimVod click on the "Remove from WimVod" button. The content will remain available in your personal WimBox library. Through the "Watch your web TV" button you can access your public page which contains your "public" videos and live events.

Video licences:

Creative Commons
The Creative Commons licences let you publish a video by reserving certain rights to the author and conceding others for free use. The Creative Commons licenses are six and serve various needs for online video distributors. For more information visit the web page
Pay per view
With the Pay-per-view licences you can specify the conditions for viewing content:

  • Price
  • Licence duration


To be able to use Pay per View licences you must enter your PayPal email in the Profile> Monetization section.
Each payment will be immediately credited to your PayPal account, minus the WimTV commission. Each time a user views a Pay per View video the revenue is shared: 70% net goes directly to you and 30% gross goes to WimTV for use of the service (WimTV pays the PayPall commission).
Other revenue sharing rates are available for large volumes of traffic.

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The WimLive service is dedicated to creating publishable live events in free or paid mode.

To create a live event you need to set a password for live streaming. Go to the Profile section and enter the password in the "Live service Password".
This is important to ensure a high level of security and prevent other users from broadcasting their events on your channel.

Under WimLive create a live channel.

WimLive>Create new channel

  • Click on the "Create new channel" button
  • Enter title and description
  • Request a streaming url
  • Place a thumbnail for your channel (optional)

Now you're ready to create your first event on your channel

WimLive> Channel Events> Add event

  • Click on "Add Event"
  • Enter title
  • Decide whether you want to publish the event in free or a pay-per-view mode by assigning the cost (in Euros). Remember that you must indicate your PayPal email to receive payments from users viewing your event. You can do it from the monetisation section at the top
  • Set the start and end date and time of your event
  • Decide whether you want your event to be public (i.e. visible on WimTV). If you select private your event will be only visible on the site where you publish the iframe
  • Select whether you want the event to be recorded and available in your WimBox at the end of the transmission.

To stream use an external encoding software

  • Software esterno, you can stream your event using the platform generated Streaming Url and Stream name
    • USB connected cameras: use OBS Studio, a free software . See the OBS usage guide.
    • IP cameras: use WimLabs Live Media Encoder (WLME), a free software provided by WimLabs. (installazione e configurazione a cura di WimLabs)
    • Mobile cameras: you need an app for your smart phone or tablet. We will use the free Wowza GoCoder app, available for Android e iOs, as an example.
      • Tap the button on the top right of the page
      • Select Wowza Streaming Engine: in the new page select Host and enter “”
      • Select Application: in the new page enter the stream name of your WimTV channel under Stream Name
      • Select Login: in the new page enter your WimTV username and your streaming password
      • (The data entered in the streaming app are stored, so next time you are stream-ready).

Now, if you've declared your event to be public, those visiting your WimTV page can see your event. If you declared it private you can publish it and make it visible on your site using the an Iframe. The channel itself can host more than one event. You will you be able to work more quickly and efficiently because the data for streaming and the code for posting on a Web page will remain the same


  • Click on the "Chat" button,
  • Click on the "Enable Chat" button

You can join the chat by inserting messages from both the public page and your personal Page

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WimTrade is the WimTV service that allows you to sell and acquire videos in a professional and protected market.


  • WimTrade> Sell your videos to other Web TVs

This section allows you to sell your videos in your personal WimBox repository

  • Click on the "put on sale" button of the video you want to post to the market
  • Select the licence to be assigned to the video
  • Set the duration of the licence and a price (if applicable)
  • Click on the button "Put on sale"


  • WimTrade> Buy a video from the video market WimMarket 

This section allows you to purchase videos posted in the video market

  • Click on the "buy" button of the video you want to buy
  • Make a payment if it is a video with a spot-price licence
  • Access your WimBox repository to manage the purchased video


You can sell your videos with 5 licence types: Free, Creative Commons, Spot Price, Cash per View and Revenue sharing

  • Free
    You may freely use the acquired video and publish it on demand or use it in a subscription
  • Creative Commons
    You may use the acquired video as required by the specific Creative Commons licence (see
  • Spot Price
    You may freely use the acquired video at the price indicated in the licence and publish it on demand or use it in a subscription
  • Cash per view
    Every time your customer pays for the video posted, the seller on the market cashes the sum indicated in the license. A video acquired with a cash per view licence may not be used for a subscription
  • Revenue sharing
    Every time your customer pays for the video posted, the seller on the market cashes the percentage specified in the license. A video acquired in revenue sharing can not be used for a subscription

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WimTV Faq

Frequently asked questions

What can I do in WimTV?

WimTV is a site designed for people looking for a single platform that provides all the services to manage video content and do business in a simple, clear and immediate fashion.
In WimTV you can:
1) create your own Web TV with video on demand, live streaming, schedules and subscriptions
2) publish content in pay per view or subscription mode making money in a clear and immediate fashion. Simply indicate your PayPal email and get credited in real time based on the actual views of your content
3) implement all the WimTV functions on your WordPress site through the use of our WimTVPro plugin
4) get full control of your content and real recognition of your work. WimTV does not place advertising on published content and promotes a policy of transparency in the relationship between users and service providers.

I have not received the email with the activation link. What should I do?

Try to see if the mail has ended up in your spam folder. If you do not find it you can report it by sending an email to

Why should I tick "I have read and accept the Terms of use of WimTV and Privacy Policies?"

There are some basic rules which must be adhered to, particularly if you want to do business in WimTV. For example, to upload a video, you must have the right to do so.
We invite you to read the WimTV Terms of Service because WimTV is an ecosystem where users do business. If all shall comply with the conditions all users will be satisfied.

Why do I have to add title, tags and description when the public my videos on WimTV?

The title, tags and description are used to help that your users / customers can find your videos.

Why do I have to enter personal information to be able to monetise from the services I offer in WimTV?

In most countries it is not allowed to cash without paying taxes. If you offer paid services on behalf of a company you must declare and provide address and social security number and / or VAT account of the entity offering paid services.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment system. If you want to cash in on the services you offer in WimTV you need to open a PayPal account. In this way, revenues will be immediately accredited to your account. PayPal is used by millions of users worldwide, please visit their site to learn more.

What is a storage and bandwidth package?

The use of WimTV technologies is free but in order to actually use the services you need storage resources and bandwidth. Storage corresponds to the space occupied by your video content while the bandwidth refers to the amount of data transmitted to serve end users’ views. WimTV offers a free package that allows you to start using a fully functional platform. At any time you can upgrade to a higher package (see price list) .You can ask custom packages responding to specific needs.

What is a license?

The “License” is a WimTV arrangements to communicate the content viewing terms to a user.

What is a "Subscription"?

A subscription is a set of paid for videos you can offer to your customers. You can set the subscription period (e.g. one month) and the related cost.

What is a "Scheduled Service"?

A scheduled service is a linear sequence of on demand and live videos in a certain period of time. It is the web equivalent of a TV program.

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Set up for WordPress


  • WordPress Version : 3.4+
  • PHP Version : 5.5 php5 curl (LibCurl): install a version compatible with PHP version of the system. On a Windows machine it is php_curl.dll dll. On a linux machine it is the relevant package (e.g. apt-get install php5-curl)
  • PHP settings for uploading videos to WimTv: PHP assumes that there are upper limits to file size uploaded to a remote server. As this is typically done to avoid uploading files of excessive size by non-authorises users, upper limits are typically low (a few MB), especially for uploading video files. The values to  modify in file php.ini (in the relevant  configuration area of the PHP system) are:
  • post_max_size – Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept –
  • upload_max_filesize – Maximum allowed size for uploaded files –

Compatibilities with other plugins

  • WPML;
  • Backend Localisation.

Incompatibilities with  other plugins

  • qTranlsate;
  • jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress.

Custom skins: The WimTVPro player is JW Player. You can download the player's skin here: DOWNLOAD SKINS. The skin can be modified in .css.
To load a skin in WimTVPro, create a zip file containing:
- the .css of your favourite skin
- a .png logo
The logo file, the .css file and the .zip itself must have the same name.

A) Installation


In the administration page menu of your WordPress web site, click the Plugins button, and then Add new.

If you look for  “wimtvpro” in the search bar  you will see the plugin with the Install now button. Click the plugin for automatic installation. Alternatively, it is possible to download the module from and upload to this page. Available download  here:

Once the plugin has been installed, click Activate Plugin to make it operational.

WimTVPro is now installed and ready for use. The plugin is integrated in the WordPress administration page menu. You can recognise it from the WimTVPro logo and name.

B) Configuration


To use the plugin you need to have a Web TV account  on WimTV. Registration to  WimTV is free. If you are not already registered, you can  create an account by clicking Registration.

Once you have created an account, enter your credentials to the plugin section called Settings. In the Settings Configuration page you should enter configuration data and set your preferences to personalise the video player. In this page it is possible to:

  1. Enter username and password of your WimTV account.
  2. Choose the skin of your player. The WimTV player is JW Player and you can download personalised skins from this link: DOWNLOAD SKINS for use inside WimTVPro, by uploading to this section.
  3. Video player default size (when it is used inside a Widget. If the player is included in a post or a page you can personalise its size each time - see later).

Now you can start using WimTVPro.

Other Settings pages to set parameters for advanced use of the WimTVPro plugin are:

  • 4) Pricing: WimTVPro is a free plugin. To effectively provide services, however, you need storage and/or bandwidth. WimLabs offers storage and bandwidth packages suiting your needs. Note the free and custom packages.
  • 5) Payment: enter your fiscal data so as to enable video streaming in pay per view mode. Once you have entered the requested data you can set the price your customers will pay to view the videos and live events from your web site and have all payments immediately accredited to your PayPal account. For each transaction WimTV applies a commission. The entry level is 30% for WimTV (70% net is for you because WimTV pays the PayPal commission).
  • 6) WimLive Configuration: to enable live streaming services please select the Live Streaming field in this page. You can decide to add a specific password  for live streaming if you use an external video encoding software. Otherwise the same password you have entered for WimTV will be used.
  • 7) Update personal info: here you can review and modify the data entered during registration of your WimTV account.
  • 8) Features: if you select “Yes” in this page your videos will be published also on If you do not want this select “No”.

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WimBox on WordPress

In this page you can manage all videos uploaded to WimTV. The button next to the video thumbnails lets the user perform specific operations as shown in the image below. (1) Synchronise: to synchronise the videos uploaded to your WimTV account (WimBox). This can also be used in case you upload your videos directly to […]

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WordPress Widget

Widgets allow you to share the videos placed in WimVod and information data of own WimTV channel in certain areas of the site. WimVod Widget With this Widget you can put all the videos placed in WimVod in an area of ​​the site (e.g., sidebar, footer) My Profile Widget With this Widget you can share […]

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