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The WimCast section concerns the creation of TV-style scheduled programs composed of on demand videos and live events. By creating a schedule you can be stream 24h / 24h and copy the schedule to other days.

Proceed to creating your program schedule.

WimCast> Create schedule

  • Click on the “Create a new program schedule” button
  • Enter a name and description
  • Click on the “Get URL name” button to stream your program schedule
  • Insert the thumbnail of your schedule (optional)

Click on the “Save” button

WimCast> Manage Your schedule

  • Click on the “Manage schedule” button to access your monthly schedule
  • To access a single day click edit icon in the upper left (Days on red background correspond to days with content inside)
  • Copy schedule
  • Select one or more days to be copied
  • Click on the “Copy” button
  • Select one or more days where you want to replicate the schedule
  • Click on the “Paste” button
  • Delete schedule
  • Select one or more days to be deleted

Click on the “Delete” button

WimCast> Insert video on demand

  • Drag and drop videos from your WimBox archive inside the timeline
  • Select the blocks by clicking with the mouse. You can move them inside the timeline by holding down the left mouse button

To delete a block select it and click on the red x in the upper right

WimCast> Create and insert live events

  • Create the live event you want to insert in the schedule
  • Click on the “live events” button
  • Click on the “add a live event” button
  • Enter name and description
  • To transmit use the streaming url data and stream using an external software. Watch our tutorial page where we show how to use the free OBS program
  • Drag the event created inside the timeline of the schedule
  • To “increase” the duration of the live event stretch the its block until the end time
  • B. Remember that the event will be broadcast live in the moment when you start the transmission from external software. Therefore we suggest to start broadcasting within the scheduled time.

After finishing the work of creating your schedule click on the “Save schedule” button.

You can see your schedule right on your public WimTV page or you can publish it on your web page using its iframe (the code shown in the upper right next to the button “Watch the schedule”).


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