Set up for WordPress


  • WordPress Version : 3.4+
  • PHP Version : 5.5 php5 curl (LibCurl): install a version compatible with PHP version of the system. On a Windows machine it is php_curl.dll dll. On a linux machine it is the relevant package (e.g. apt-get install php5-curl)
  • PHP settings for uploading videos to WimTv: PHP assumes that there are upper limits to file size uploaded to a remote server. As this is typically done to avoid uploading files of excessive size by non-authorises users, upper limits are typically low (a few MB), especially for uploading video files. The values to  modify in file php.ini (in the relevant  configuration area of the PHP system) are:
  • post_max_size – Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept –
  • upload_max_filesize – Maximum allowed size for uploaded files –

Compatibilities with other plugins

  • WPML;
  • Backend Localisation.

Incompatibilities with  other plugins

  • qTranlsate;
  • jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress.

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Upload Video on WordPress

This is the sequence of steps to upload a new video. Video selection: choose a video to upload; Video title: enter title; Description: enter brief description of uploaded video; Category: assign video to a category. It is important to keep in mind that: The maximum size of video depend on server settings. See minimum requirements; […]

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