In this page you can manage publication of videos in webpages, posts and  widgets. Buttons next to video thumbnails let you execute specific operations as shown in the image below.


  • (1) Syncronize: to synchronise videos in  WimVod (WimTVPro) with the videos in WimVod (WimTV);
  • (2) Remove video: to remove a video from WimVod. Note that the video stays in WimBox.
  • (3) Change position: to change the display order of videos in WimVod. It can be useful if you decide to use the WimVod widgets;
  • (4) Privacy: to decide to make a video visible to anybody or only to specific users;
  • (5) Shortcode: to copy the HTML code to add videos to selected pages;
  • (6) Download: to select and download a video to your device;
  • (7) Preview: to view a video.

Here is what to do top insert a playlist in a page or post:

  • Open the page or post in modify mode
  • Click “Add Media” (8)
  • Select “VimWod/Playlist” from the left hand menu of the management window
  • Select video
  • Click “Insert into Post(9).


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