XSPLIT Tutorial

In order to transmit you need to create a live in the WimLive section of your private page.

The XSPLIT encoding software can be used to transmit the video stream

Below you can find the essential information to use and configure XSPLIT.


XSPLIT > Add input

The first thing to do is add the source device. XSPLIT provides multiple options depending on the equipment you have available.

  • Click on the « add source » button.
  • Select the desired input from the side menu
  • View the preview on your screen


XSPLIT > Configuration for live streaming

To configure your live follow the following steps:

  • Select « Broadcast » from the top menu
  • Click on « Set up a new output »
  • Select « Custom RTMP »
  • In the Name field you can enter « wimtv »
  • In the Description field you can enter « wimtv live settings »
    • N.B. the values of name and description do not affect the transmission. You can enter the values you prefer.
  • In the RTMP URL field, enter the rtmp: //streaming.wim.tv: 80 / live address
  • In the Stream Name field, enter the live stream key visible in your WimLive section
  • Check the box « Specify channel credentials » and enter your username and password for the WimLive service
    • username: your username on WimTV
    • password: the password you have set on WimTV in your personal profile « WebTV settings » for the live streaming

XSPLIT > Resolution and bitrate settings

The two most important data to determine the quality of the streaming are the resolution and the transmission bitrate.

  • Edit Bitrate
    • Change the value in the « Bitrate kbps » field. To get an optimal value click on the « Test bandwidth » button, the software will give you the best data connected to your Internet connection.

  • Change Resolution
    • Select the resolution you want from the drop-down menu at the top right. A value of 1280 x 720 guarantees an excellent quality / performance ratio.


XPLIT > Local transmission and recording

Now you are ready to stream! Click on broadcast and then on the wimtv settings symbol.

You can record the event directly on your PC by clicking the “Record” button and then on Local recording.

N.B. We advise you to register your event locally in order to have a streaming quality not influenced by any drop in bandwidth or in internet connection.